New Nifty Nwebsites

My new favourite website. A cookthink search is how I dug up the short rib recipe below. It's perfect for those times when you can't figure out exactly what dish want to eat, but you know what you're in the mood for. (This happens to me. A lot.) I just knew I wanted "figs, red wine, and slow." It's like a magical, gastronomical mind reader.

One thing I love about cookbooks is the gorgeous colored photos. Oftentimes, it's the picture that makes me want to try a recipe. I think it's so important for food to look great since, as that cliche goes, you taste with your eyes first.
Foodgawker is sort of like a food photo album. Your first impression of a dish is from a picture, rather than the name of the recipe or the recipe itself. It is fed by food bloggers on a daily basis so the site is always fresh. It's also a great source of inspiration for food photography/styling.

(P.S. For more wow-that-looks-soooo-scrumptious-I-want-to-eat-my-computer-screen photos, also check out foodporndaily.com. You know you want to...)

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