Where to eat: Solly's Bagelry

Before we get to this beauty of a cinnamon bun, let's talk bagels. I'm no bagel connoisseur; I can tell a bad one from a good one, but not an amazing one from a good one. I'm just going to take the critics' word for it when they say that Solly's makes some of the best bagels in Vancouver. I had lox on their Mish-Mash bagel (or "Everything" bagel to you and me). It was exactly the way it should be: the bagel was toasty on the outside, chewy on the inside, and slathered with plain cream cheese. It was topped with fresh, silky smoked salmon, thinly sliced red onion, and a scattering of capers. Served with a pickle and chips (some sort of thick cut "fancy" type--no Lay's here), it was a perfectly satisfying lunch.

But the main event, and the reason I keep returning to Solly's year after year, is their cinnamon bun. It is perfection, even without cream cheese icing, which is no small feat for a cinnamon bun. These a huge, tall coils of thinly rolled dough so that there is a generous perfuming of cinnamon throughout. No plain boring bread bites here. The insides are chewy, buttery, and moist, while the outside stays peculiarly crisp. Their secrets will probably remain mysteries, but I supposed it has something to do with massive quantities of sugar and butter (which calls to mind the famous words of Ina Garten, Barefoot Contessa, "How bad could that be?"). It's surprising that they aren't so sweet that they'd give you a headache (granted, I do have a pretty tough sweet tooth). But maybe that's the alluring danger of it. You just can't get enough.Eat here:

368 W.7th Ave

2873 W. Broadway

189 E. 28th Ave

Image credit to beets and bites, and szymek s. on flickr

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